Bill Proctor, Cartoonist, lllustrator, Computer Graphics Artist

There once was a language called "C"
that was cryptic as ever could be.
To protect their employment, coders took great enjoyment
in coding indecipherably.

When object orientation
emerged to widespread elation
with minimal fuss they embraced C-plus-plus.
To the purist it was pure consternation.

One day some dreamers at Sun tried to fix what the others had done.
They got rid of "type-defs" and "go-to's"
and pointers, so prone to confuse
The syntax for "structures" was struck from the scriptures
making Java more natural to use.

Now Java is commonly seen as the cross platform programmers dream
It's likeness to Eiffel is no minor trifle.
The Future remains to be seen.

Bill Proctor
6 Harbor Way #105
Santa Barbara, CA 93109