Bill Proctor, Cartoonist, lllustrator, Computer Graphics Artist

Professional Resume

  • Contract Advertising Illustration Magelland Travel
  • Cartoon Magazine Layout
  • Website Illustration Splatco, Melboure
  • Humorous Cartoon Characters, Lovable Animals, Cute Kids
  • Quality Cartoon Character Development Digital Media International
  • High Quality, Airbrushed Cartoon Artwork
  • Caricature Illustration World Leaders, Zedak, Inc
  • Dramatic, Dynamic, Athletic Cartoon Characters
  • Extremely Handsome Men
  • Extremely Beautiful Women
  • Crazy Types
  • Pirates
  • Monsters
  • Really Cute Kids
  • Lovable Animals
  • 3-D Mechanical Illustration
  • Maritime Illustration, Present Day and Historical
  • Story Boarding: a Gallery of several cartoon story boards
  • Automotive Cartoons, Stock Car Racing, Open Wheel Racing
  • 3-D Perspective Techniques
    (Fish-Eye Lens Perspective to Isometric Perspective)
  • Proctor Illustration Home

    (1999-2008 I was employed as electronics design engineer at Wyatt Technology in Santa Barbara)
    Engineering Swan Song

    Magazine Cartoonist: Exe Magazine
    London, England

    I created a cartoon series for the computer software industry that occupied the inside back cover of EXE magazine for 22 consecutive months.
    The series features a white bearded kermudgeon wearing faculty gown and mortar board as an advocate of ideal solutions pitted against the real world appitomized by greedy empire builder Microsoft represented by caricature of Bill Gates.
    Object.Lessons- Number 8
    Object.Lessons- Number 9
    Object.Lessons- Number 10
    Object.Lessons- Number 11
    Object.Lessons- Number 12

    Computer Graphics Illustrator
    Santa Barbara, CA

    Digital Media International hired me to create several characters based on written descriptions with these characters in various action poses.
    These characters are the typical dennisons of a typical American shopping mall.
    In addition, I created single images of a diverse assortment of characters as might be found in a shopping mall.
    These illustrations were a pilot program for an animation project that never happened.
    Animation Character Development Series

    October, 1998
    Commercial Artist,
    Lustredent Inc and Life-Like Cosmetics, Santa Barbara, CA
    I produced numerous addvertising illustrations for pioneers in the tooth whitening business.
    "Lustredent, Inc" also known as "Life-Like".
    I illustrated an instruction manual for dentists in using their tooth whitening products.
    Illustration Clients:


    Graphic Artist
    Tri-Valley Thophey
    I performed typesetting and illustration for trophies, etched glass items and tee shirts Using Adobe Illustrator and Pagemaker and Photoshop running on networked company MAC Power PC. During the 6 weeks I worked as a substitute for an injured employee, I established excellent raport with both Production and Sales personnel as well as numerous customers.

    Multimedia Cartoonist (character design; animation, layout)
    Digital Media International (
    Santa Barbara, California

    Chief illustrator in the development of four animated multimedia projects.

    (Oct 1996); Character design and character animation with particular emphasis on articulated speech with some limited athletics. The client for this project is Panasonic Interactive's Learning Ladder Series. The title is Make a Map. .Avi files available on request.

    (6-96) Character development for a pilot project involving 10 characters representing a cross section of the patrons and employee of a typical American shopping mall. Each character was executed in several unique body positions, expressions and gestures. This was a pilot project for a prospective multimedia application involving a virtual mall for www presentation.
    Digital Media International

    During the fall of 1995 I animated a cartoon GUI (graphical user interface) funded by Fujitsu Electronics. Provided layout for this project. The animation and layout were accomplished within a 2 month period. In this project, 16 individual characters, well known in the Japanese entertainment culture, were specified by the client. Each one was put through several humorous antics. Two distinct settings were developed, an office and a home scene, the latter of which was laden with Japanese cultural effects. In order that the background characters to be rendered the same size as foreground characters, isometric perspective was required. This mandated rendering all the characters from an elevated angle. Avi files available on request.

    In 1994 I did all of the character development, character animation, and layout for an edutainment multimedia title featuring 8 multi-cultural cartoon characters with lip-synch speech. This title, "Eureka, I can draw" is presently being published and distributed by Nu-Millennia of Hollywood Avi files available on request

    January, 1996
    Virtual Reality Ship Design
    Planet Earth Science (hppp://
    Santa Barbara, CA

    Designed every aspect of a 165 ft, 1000 ton research vessel. created in The Virtual Reality for a multimedia educational production  entitled "Ocean Expeditions: El Nino". Produced over 150 drawings detailing the interior/exterior technical specifications as well as artistic look and feel. From these drawings, DzignLight Studios produced a 3D model using SoftImage on a Silicon Graphics machine. Over 1800 images were rendered to produce 150 QuickTimeVR. linked nodes.

    The technical drawings include all architectural renderings needed for the ship builder. The artistic renderings include all the interior/exterior design to minute detail to give the look and feel of an antique, traditional wooden ship. The result can be viewed in full form in the CD-ROM title, or as a slide show and limited VR scene on a web page at


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    Bill Proctor
    6 Harbor Way #105
    Santa Barbara, CA 93109